About Us

Wersleypayments.com was founded on decades of hands on experience, knowledge and education. We offer the best products and services while staying fully focused on the needs of our clients. We operate in an extremely efficient, automated fashion using the best technologies and strongest management. Because of this, we have created an overwhelmingly positive environment that benefits its clients, employees, community and stockholders.

Wersleypayments.com provides payment processing services to online businesses around the world, we offer merchant accounts that will add your business the ability to accept credit/debit cards payments thru your website. We can set-up accounts tailored to your special needs with very competitive rates, our multi-currency platform will allow you to accept and settle funds in various currencies.

Wersleypayments.com also offers merchants with a powerful tool that provides a detailed overview and report on all your payment transactions. Offering a web-based application, Wersley Payments Analytics, and its Reporter application, provides two comprehensive tools that allow payment processing to be monitored and analysed down to the smallest detail. wersleypayments.com carved on its flag the importance to adjust itself to its clients needs. The emphasis has always been and always will be our clients. Each of our clients is different and we pride ourselves in providing tailor made solutions, providing each client with the best possible service and solution.

Wersleypayments.com continues to improve its online solutions and services, while focusing on remaining flexible and adaptive to its clients needs and the continuously changing environments we and our clients operate under. Using our solutions, merchants can prepare their own sales analyses by different time periods and payment types. The application creates tables with daily and total sales per currency for the selected period. Merchants receive additional data for settlement or reconciliation via settlement files.


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6 Fairview Drive, Consett, England, DH8 6QX
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Our more than 10-years experiences in the online payment market is one of our main strengths for being an Agent. We know exactly what is important in the business and therefore offer different consulting services to our clients.